Whether you saw some add enforcing you to buy bourbon online, or some of your friends have told you to try something new, your interest might have been piqued when you see a bourbon at a bar. This is because, alongside other popular liquors, bourbons are also a staple drink at any bar across the globe. Before, only daddies and uncles savor the taste that it provides. However, now, even the youngsters are becoming more and more interested in trying out its authentic taste. Here, in this article, we will share with you some of the interesting things you need to find out about bourbon, if you want to drink it the first time, or you have been a fan of it but still do not know how to drink more authentically.

We interviewed some of the bourbon experts to share with us the secrets on how to enjoy more the bourbon’s taste.

1.If you want to have that savory and natural flavor, try it neat. There is nothing wrong with adding some mixtures into your bourbon, as you will still enjoy the taste of its flavors. However, according to some experts, if you want to enjoy your bourbon and taste it in its most natural flavors, you need to drink it neatly. This means that you do not need to mix some additives, liquors, or even ice. The ice will melt and the water will dilute the bourbon, making it less flavorful. The sweetness of the wooden barrel, the char, the taste pf spice of rye, corn, and everything that makes up the bourbon will allow your senses to savor its taste when there are no additives added.

2.When you are still trying it anew, try to have a little bit of water and an ice cube – According to the experts, if you cannot take the raw form of bourbon you can always take it easy by putting in a little bit of water or an ice cube. Most of the first-timers like to have their bourbon with a bit of water or an ice cube in their first try. This dilutes some of the punchy taste of the bourbon but does not eliminate completely its taste. However, some of the experts would say that this can significantly change the bourbons’ taste. The bourbon can open up by lowering the proof through the water.

3.Make some cocktails using your bourbon. Bourbons are popular when it comes to making cocktails and this is why it is a staple drink not just in bourbons bars but to different bars as well. Manhattan and mint julep are two of the drink that is popular in the United States that are mixed with bourbons. You can also add your soda of preference and other drinks to give it a kick.

There are no ways yo can rink your bourbon wrong However, the additives and the amount of water you put can significantly change its taste. When you want to taste its authentic flavor and aroma, putting some ice and water is a no-no. However, if you are still a newbie, ice and some soda will help.